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Cooperation takes place primarily if humans meet and pursue a common goal. Workshops create the environment for developing strategies, discussing business models and improving the organizational culture. With the memecon proceedings you guarantee that the expenditure of personal meetings results in the desired value-add.

Make your workshops more productive:

Workshop pure
The simplest version consists of facilitation and support during preparation. The agenda can be arranged in such a way that you achieve the defined goals .


Workshop plus
Workshop plus covers additionally the development of contents and workshop components. Contents can be e.g. presentations, trainings or similar. Workshop components are plenum and breakout activities, which can be individually developed to produce defined results.


Workshop max
Workshop max is the most comprehensive version. Additionally it consists of workshop development, - evaluation and action planning. The entire workshop is designed in coordination with the client. After conclusion of the workshop, results can be evaluated and prepared and eventually measures are defined.


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