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Skill model

The skill model organizes capabilities and knowledge that are determined and assigned to employees and roles. It can be used in all phases of personnel management: e.g. to the applicant selection, project planning, performance review.

  • Business skills

These are acquired, technical capabilities and knowledge that make an effective and efficient job performance possible (e.g. branch, process, value-add knowledge, ).

  • Method skills

These are basic capabilities and knowledge that enable the customizing of general solution methods (e.g. procedures, proceedings, methods) to specific situations and their application (e.g. project management and modeling  entrepreneurial action).

  • Social skills

These are personal capabilities and knowledge that enable relationships with people (e.g. personality, intellect, cooperation  and leadership competence).

  • Systems thinking skills

These are capabilities and knowledge that enable qualified management of systems and complexity (e.g. holistic thinking, system modeling, critical thinking, change competence).

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