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Benefit aspects

Utility aspects of deliverables (i.e. products and services) consist of core and collateral benefits. During purchasing, the differentiation in the two kinds of benefit facilitates the prioritization of the different alternatives. Expenses and revenues determine core benefits. Emotional aspects mainly express collateral benefits. They facilitate, for example, decision making, if alternatives offer the same core benefit. In a case like this, it is possible to select the alternative with most collateral benefit for the same price.

Benefit aspects consists of core benefits and additional benefits.

  • Core benefit

Core benefits are the concrete advantages that are described by economic, functional and qualitative criteria. They explain the reason for purchasing a deliverable with objective key figures. This includes price and functionality, e.g. a car is the transport from A to B. Beyond that quality criteria determine the core benefit - effectiveness, efficiency, maintainability, portability, usability and reliability.

  • Collateral benefit

Collateral benefit demonstrates subjective advantages that are determined by emotional, societal and intangible criteria. Although, they are not an objective part of the deliverable, they play a large role in the procurement. On the border to the core benefit is the design that is closely connected to usability and makes the deliverable attractive through branding and styling. Further aspects are the additional contributions, such as consulting, packaging, financing, training, and guarantee.

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