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About memecon

My summary
I provide leaders, who want to improve the impact of their leadership, methods and procedures. This goes from self-management, to the design of your concepts, to the actual leadership, i.e. coordination, communication and cooperation.
Core elements are the self-image, the business model and the strategy.

You get an enhanced efficiency through

  • consistent intentions,

  • a flexible and committed organization,

  • smart governance,

  • appropriate communication,

  • synergies based on effective collaboration, and/or

  • a resilient corporate culture.


My strengths are

  • customizable methods,

  • defined procedures and results,

  • a minimized effort for the user, and

  • implicitly my long-term group function experience in Europe, America, and Asia.

To me it is very important to do the right thing right.
My basic principle is:
Anything goes!

For a better understanding of memecon, I describe some aspects in the following that are important to me.

My Application Fields

memecon provides methods and procedures for Consulting, Coaching and Training.

My Experiences

memecon results from worldwide experiences.

My Target Group
Basically memecon is available for everybody. I put some special attention on the following organisations and functionals levels.

My Guiding Principles
Meaning lies in the eye of the beholder. And it is designable.

My Wave

In the top of the page you find a wave rolling on to people. This wave represents change.

My Vision
Everyday a lot of communication occurs, without recognizing consiously the particular meaning for oneself or for others. I wish for more.

My Mission
The task is clear - evolutionary spread of Meaning Design.

My Values
The benchmark of my solutions is defined by my values. At the same time pre-requisites are trust and honesty

My Strategic Goals
In the longterm customer benefit, globalization, and viability of memecon are improtant for me.

The memecon.info blog offers comments on economic, political and social topics in irregular intervals.

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