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My Target Group

Only those who know their goal, find their way.


My target group is characterized by the following attributes:

Your Potentials

  • You take up challenges.

  • You have targets and visions.

  • You have the required knowledge.

  • You shape and push changes.

  • You operate in a productive network.

Your Wishes

  • Customers, who are enriched by your services.

  • Partners, who let you achieve better results together than everybody by oneself.

  • Colleagues, who get involved enthusiastically.

  • Strategies, which realize performance potentials.

  • Abilities, which open up new opportunities.

  • Ideas, which electrify your colleagues, partners and customers.

Your Opportunities

  • Increase trust by generating an effective corporate culture.

  • Make strategies and targets understandable.

  • Share knowledge with colleagues, partners and customers.

  • Make decisions on a basis of at least three alternatives.

  • Create a viable working environment.

Your Perspectives

  • You belong to the activists.

  • You understand the meaning of human perception and communication.

  • You foster and ask for qualified development and realization of ideas.

  • You know that intentional communication can be created efficiently.

  • You can put yourself in the position of your colleagues, partners and customers.

memecon offers solutions for the following organizations:

  • Business enterprises

i.e. profit-oriented large and mid-sized enterprises.

  • Non-profit organizations

i.e. large organizations in the area of social work, disaster control/ emergency services, environmental protection, foreign aid, people rights, civil rights, research, education, and religious organizations.

  • Public Administration

i.e. public administrations of regional, national or global scope.

  • Private People

i.e. non-organizational individuals.

The supported functional levels are:

  • Executive Boards

consists of the highest leadership level of an enterprise, e.g. owner, managing director, CEOs.

  • Management

consists of the leadership of individual functional areas or projects, e.g. Purchase, Production, Logistics, and Sales.

  • Employees

are the members of an organization, which do not belong to management.

The primary target group of memecon methods are leadership people in business enterprises, Non-profit organizations and Public Administration.

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