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On this page frequently asked questions are answered..
What means memecon?
memecon is a compound of the terms meme and consulting.
  • Meme are contents causally created and thought by humans - or like M. Csikszentmihalyi defined it „any permanent pattern of matter or information produced by an act of human intentionality “.  The science of the meme is memetics. The work with memes helps designing meaning. Together with the use of structured approaches this leads to projects without few friction loss, processes that fit together, harmonic teams and suitable strategies that do the right things right.
  • Consulting covers, apart from plain consultation, the support of individuals and groups as well as trainings.
With this holistic approach, memecon differs substantially from most offers focused on procedures.

Who is behind memecon?
Memecon was founded in 2008 by me, Michael Lapp. In more than thirty years, I grew together with information technology in different functions of a Dax company. Three key areas coined me:
  1. the importance of business processes,
  2. the potential of data and meaning as well as
  3. the indispensable contribution of people.

Over time it was possible to
  • write IT-programs and develop IT-systems,
  • develop and evaluate data bases,
  • standardize and spread Business Process Reengineering,
  • revise business processes of various corporate functions,
  • develop Data and knowledge management,
  • formalize and establish Project management,
  • adapt Self-image management,
  • systematiz Business modelling,
  • simplify strategic management,
  • lead projects concerning the previous topics,
  • be responsible for different line functions as well as
  • support several reorganizations.

In Europe, America and in a five year assignment in Japan, I applied many ideas into practice.

With memecon, I found the form to share the three key areas and my practical experiences.

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