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My Values

  • Viability

Viability is the pre-condition for all doing. Lost viability means death - suicide or murder/homicide. That means that the highest priority is surviving. Everyday decisions can challenge borders and viability. Important drivers are competency, strengths and opportunities.

All things that exceed measure and goal are of short duration

  • Simplicity

Simplicity is focusing on a few substantial aspects. Thereby the skillful selection of information is crucial. Simple structures and models for further discussion are the basis for effective simplicity. This means deductive approaches, generally accepted structures and 80%-solutions.

Simplest seems the truest

  • Impact

Impact is the consequence of an outcome, which is achieved by action. Sustainable impacts evolve from effects that affect over long-term. Impact is raison d' être of our efforts. Impact can be materialistic or spiritual.

Even one hair throws a shade

  • Momentum

Momentum contains movement. Movement creates change. The direction goes forward - even in cycles. It needs excessive power to start from stop, but little power to keep on moving. It is important to notice momentum and to align, if required, to existing momentum.  

Everything flows

  • Transparency

Transparency is the basis for a real cooperation. Closeness and secrecy obscure potential leverage points and generate distrust. Information is often generalized, distorted or erased. Transparency avoids the conscious loss of information. Openness and honesty contribute to a positive result.

Trust creates trust
German proverb

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