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Commitment amplifier

Commitment amplifier describes three important starting points for the identification and self-obligation of people regarding a  strategy, activity or similar. Assumed that people, who accept something (commit themselves), create better results, than without commitment. Contrary to motivation that comes from outside, commitment is developed within each individual. Therefore, commitment  can only be reinforced with indirect measures. The following model creates the framework for these measures.

The commitment amplifier consists of the following three areas: form, content and person.

  • Form

Form consists of all formal aspects that are the basis for daily work and influence  commitment positively. This includes mainly governance (i.e. primarily the guidelines for co-operation), organizational structure (i.e. description of the structural organization with its roles and the respective task, authority and  responsibility), guidance (e.g. the leadership system, including leadership style, evaluation and remuneration systems) and sponsoring (i.e. essentially training and HR-development programs). These common descriptions offer the target  group an explicit framework for personal examination and, in positive case, for commitment. Core task is the documentation of the area and its basic conditions.

  • Content

Content enables design of topic-oriented aspects that facilitates commitment of the target group - from enterprise purpose up to individual tasks. Important elements are attractiveness (e.g. an interesting  task), variety (e.g. different proposals and areas of work), and status (e.g. reputation of a task) and challenge (e.g. innovation, change, personal advancement). Content creates the basis for commitment by positive associations and  personal links. It is a pre-requisite for content-related measures to know the target audience and their expectations. Based on this knowledge tasks, goals or projects can be developed.

  • Person

Person affects mainly coaching of individual people concerning their traits and organizational integration to achieve a positive commitment. Important components are self-efficacy (i.e. perceived authority and internal  control conviction), self-worth (e.g. self-concept, - respect, and -trust), satisfaction (concerning organizational integration, context, development opportunities) and justice (e.g. fairness, equal rights, legal security). The personality affects subconsciously all activities and creates commitment that comes from "gut feeling" and is prone to injuries. All forms of coaching can be suggested, e.g. personal, team-oriented and organizational development.

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