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Interest is a basic classification of aspects that capture the attention of individual or groups. The bigger the attention, the greater the probabilities that the respective target groups deal with a topic and engage oneself. For people, who are interested in people, it is not so interesting to pay attention to a project calendar - especially, if the calendar does not contain person-oriented statements.

Focus consists of five areas: person-, object-, time-, location-, and process-oriented.

  • Person-oriented

If the interest is on people, it is advantageous to place individuals or groups into the spotlight. This includes for example introductions, characterizations, allocations and qualities of people, e.g. skills. In this context, visualizations (e.g. photo, diagrams, charts) are recommended, as well as short and simple descriptions or tables of any kind.

  • Object-oriented

If the interest is object-oriented, objective, measurable things are located in the center. This includes for example articles, products, facts and qualities like e.g. size, worth. In this context, detailed texts and numbers are recommended that describe the issues.

  • Time-oriented

In time orientation, the interest is on all aspects of time. This includes dates, periods and qualities like e.g. punctuality. In this context, detailed texts and numbers should include points in time and periods.

  • Location-oriented

If the target group thinks location-oriented, the interest is on all geographical aspects. This includes accommodations, buildings, sites, countries, regions, continents and other geographical aspects, like e.g. distance, time zones. In this case, detailed texts and numbers should always be related to locations.

  • Process-oriented

If the interest focus is on the process, the attention follows the flow. This includes process steps, sequences, procedures, workflows, interfaces and on qualities such as process security, value adds, bifurcations, cycles etc. In this context, the emphasis should be on process visualizations and detailed verbal descriptions as well as key figures.

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