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Resources are means that are needed, in order to fulfill tasks. Limits are set by the availability and quantity for the respective activities that can only be extended by additional resources. Typical activities are projects, processes, regular tasks and the like. On the one hand, there are tangible resources, like raw materials, operating material, components as well as people. On the other hand, it includes intangible resources, like knowledge, patents and brand image. In any case, the use of resources must be estimated, aligned, planned and administered.

Resources consist of four areas: Personnel, Knowledge, Infrastructure, and Capital.

  • Personnel

Internal and external employees form the resource Personnel. It should be distinguished between the number of people, including the individual percentage of contribution, and the full-time equivalent, i.e. the conversion of the individual contribution in 100% rate of utilization. For example, 15 people work with 30% contribution in a project that sums up to a full time equivalent of 4.5 people days. Additional aspects are skill profiles, assignment period and place.

  • Knowledge

The resource Knowledge consists of required abilities and talents as well as necessary knowledge resources, e.g. experience databases, specialist knowledge, patents, licenses, wikis’, in addition, academic competence centers and the like. The description is done form-free with clear reference and availability.

  • Infrastructure

The infrastructure covers the technical and social facilities that are required. This includes the IT-infrastructure (e.g. software, hardware, Netware), spatiality (e.g. building, jobs, meeting areas), in addition, all kinds at media (e.g. PC, printer, Beamer).

  • Capital

The capital describes financial resources that must be spent. These consist of equity and borrowed capital, in addition, budgets and internal cost allocation. It also includes the costs that are needed for the other resources.

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