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Target group goals

Target group goals are objectives that a target group would like to achieve at the end of a period or a process. A target group is groups, organizations in addition, individuals. The goals are more or less concretely defined in advance. At best, a meaningful smartifikation will be executed. Based on the detected goals, measures are defined that facilitate the goal achievement.

Goals can be found in five areas: Influence, Respect, Interaction, Interest, and Well-being.

  • Influence

Influence describes whether and how the target group would like to affect its environment e.g. by power, revenge, altruism or independence. The core question is: How would the target group like to affect the environment?

  • Respect

The section Respect describes what the target group expects of the environment, e.g. appreciation and honor. The core question is: How would like the target group to be treated by the environment?

  • Interaction

Interaction focuses on mutual and reciprocal action with the environment, the give and take in all kinds of relation. The core question is: With whom and how would the target group like to interact?

  • Interest

The area Interest is concerned about the interests of the target group, i.e. goals that are related to curiosity and idealism. The core question is: What is the target group interested in?

  • Well-being

In the area Well-being it is all about the own, mental state and favorable circumstances, that the target group aims at, e.g. fitness, peace, order. The core question is: What expects the target group?

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