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Visions are an important tool for the guidance of teams, organizations and networks. They describe an ideal future that evoke associations in the target group that should come as close as possible to the original intention of the visionary. Compared to a goal that describes a defined, attainable result in the future, the vision is a condition in a distant future that is not reached normally. But it provides a direction for the common formulation of goals. Examples of visions are: Nuclear power – no thanks; a computer in every home; Touch the future.

Visions can be mainly defined within four ranges: Competition, Social, Deliverable and Technology vision.

  • Competition vision

Competitive visions create an ideal picture of future competitive conditions. In this context the future is mainly developed concerning markets, segments and industries.

  • Social vision

Social visions describe future societal and organizational conditions. This includes aspects of demography, education, values, law and communication.

  • Deliverable vision

Deliverables visions describe future products and services as well as their characteristics. Products can be divided in consumer goods and consumer durables. Services are people-, object-oriented or a combination of both.

  • Technology vision

Technology visions describe future technological possibilities concerning tools, devices, processes, materials, and systems. This takes place in all areas, e.g. traffic, communication, computer, and energy.

To make the vision as effective as possible within the respective area, the vision should be

  • as brief as possible - a short sentence with no more than five to six nouns and verbs,

  • defined as if it is already achieved (present tense), but at least five years in the future,

  • as clearly and unambiguously as possible, positive and attractive, catchy and binding as well as vital and without abstract terms,

  • as close as possible to the reality as well as to values and examples of the target audience,

  • cover as many options for action as possible.

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