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Yon is the answer, if a clear yes or no is not possible. The size of this area depends mainly from the size of the two poles. The magic of the yon lies in the explicit designation the grey zone between the extremes. The half-full or half-empty glass reduces the grey zone between the poles to zero. The benefit of yon is the clear message that the one or the other extreme is not finally decidable, but further aspects have to be clarified in advance.

The model consists of both poles and the grey zone.

Arrange activities into four topical areas.

  • Deliverables

In this segment, projects are bundled that deal with products and services, like for example the innovations, required replacements and similar initiatives.

  • Customer

The activities that are all about the customers, markets and sales are collected in this area, like the development of new markets, the innovative sales channels, a new brand image, the customer satisfaction, and a customer database.

  • Organization

All initiatives that for example take care of the processes, strategy and leadership, i.e. the internal organization are collected in this part, like the improved processes, a new direction of the company, and trainings.

  • Technology

Projects that concentrate on the technological and methodological tasks, like the development, implementation, maintenance and dismantling of plant equipment, IT systems, tools, production methods are described in this area.

For the description of the temporal scope activities are positioned in the green area (i.e. project), the yellow area (i.e. plan) or in the blue area (i.e. (perspective) of the respective dimension.

  • Project

In the middle, the green area, are the currently running activities, the so-called projects.

  • Plan

In the yellow area you can find the activities, that you already plan - the tangible ideas, feasible concepts and concrete projects.

  • Perspective

The outer area is the pool of opportunities that is not yet planned, but which provide imaginable and feasible solutions that are already available or will be available in the future.

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