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Changes continuously happen in private and business environment.

Who does not remember the time, when a big box cramped your working space.
Heraclitus described in simple terms - Everything flows. The only constant is change.

However, change is not equal to change. Dependent on personal attitudes, people will perceive change stronger or weaker. The dynamics of change lead eventually to alternative options for further actions.
You evaluate with the Changemeter important areas concerning the change dynamics and get ideas for possible initiatives.

Answer the following questions for each case, by selecting one of the options in the respective field:

  • What needs our strategy?

  • How much change requires our business model, in order to be useful?

  • To which degree do we have to develop our self-image, in order to have a common self-understanding?

  • How much adjustment requires our capability profile, in order to reach to a robust change capability?

  • How intensively do we have to work on our readiness for change?

In each case, four alternatives are available, which you select by simply clicking.

(Warning: Changemeter requires Flash.)

  • Don’t know

Select this, if you cannot decide spontaneously on one of the other options.

  • Adjustment

This selection fits, if you suppose that no or minimum changes are required.

  • Improvement

This option is designated for the case that you recognize opportunities for advancement within individual areas.

  • Renewal

Click here, if you believe that the entire area should be renewed. In this case, the individual area changes so much that new approaches displace old ones.

All results are supplied
without guarantee.
Any liability is excluded.

Use the Changemeter for inspiration. You can repeat the evaluation as often as you like. The application does not store personal data or results.

Good luck!

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