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The largest challenge for a manager is the control of oneself. A natural bias makes the neutral look at the own mental states and actions difficult. Use the opportunities that are available here, in the context of self-management.

You always wanted to be you:

Self-understanding check
The self-understanding check examines in business enterprises, nonprofit organizations and public administration the status of the self-understanding. In an up to two-day workshop, the descriptions of self-image and business model can be determined and evaluated.


SelfReflex is the structured, holistic description of an organization (internally or externally). Within a one-day workshop, important aspects of the organization can be determined based on logical levels (context, actions, abilities, convictions, role and affiliation). The results are the basis for various, further activities (e.g. reorganization, business process optimization).


First100 supports individuals, who are in change. They take over new tasks, functions and responsibilities. Within the first hundred days, it takes a regular coaching that includes the development of expectations, a business model, communication plan and communication measures. Within regular discussions (approx. 2 h per week during 15 weeks) the new environment is examined, impressions are clarified and a personal strategy is developed for the first two years.


Coaching is a standardized procedure for individuals in business enterprises, nonprofit organizations and public administration. In an individually configured process the own standpoint can be determined, process goals derived and in several one-to-one meetings discussed. Follow-up measures will be defined based on the results.


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