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Cross functional models

In this section you find all cross-cunftional models in alphabetical order.

The affinity of individuals and groups to various cultures can be described on different levels.

Benefit aspects
Core and collateral benefit define the benefit of a product or service.

Consciousness cycle
Our information processing reaches from perception, through thinking and communication up to the act. Then the cycle begins again.

Effectiveness and Efficiency
Doing the right things right - that’s the question. Distinguishing these two terms generates ideas for additional benefits.
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Information life cycle
Information is a flexible, anytime adaptable object. The information life cycle describes relevant phases.
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Levels of detail
Defined levels of detail establish structure for investigating, documenting and analyzing model information.

Life cycle
The natural course of life affects each operation element.

Meaning carrier
Meaning is intangible and nonetheless always present. It is helpful to be aware, where meaning actually can be found.

The MeghaCircle provides a general approach to describe circles of relations. 

The knowledge of the functionality of memes makes positioning and distribution  of meaning easier.

Meme units
Meme is a far-reaching concept that consists of elements that we all know.
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Process of meaning design
Meaning design is a wide field that bothers also you regularly – albeit mainly subconscious. The model provides a first entry along the meaning design process.

Soft benefits
Although the soft factors have a big influence, these soft benefits are difficult to grasp.


Status circle
The assessment of a situation detached from words can lead to surprising results.

The first step is it to recognize the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The second is the derivation of respective strategies.
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System complexity
System complexity organizes systems concerning variability and variety. 

System levels
System levels help finding solution approaches on one level of detail without getting irritated by different detailing.

T-Model of skills
The skill distribution model clarifies the potential qualification of a person. 

The power of visible indecision.

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